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DEMA Convention Announced for 2018

Orlando Postcard

After careful consideration, DEAM announced that the 2018 conference will be back in Orlando September 28-30th, 2018. This may shock and surprise those who feel going back to "Hurricane Alley" after our last cancelation will be a disruption and cause for concern, but DEMA had some very good reasons for holding next year's event in the Orlando area. With one of our corporate offices in Florida and some of our association's strongest chapters, it's no surprise that with the network of supporters in and around the Orlando area it would make sense to go back to Florida once again. I support DEMA's decision, and although the cancelation was hard for this year, it makes sense to use the same vendors, supplies, etc. that were already put into place for the 2017 event. I invite you to keep checking the convention website for further details and reach out to those of us on the board if you have any questions. See you in Orlando and Save the Date!

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