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COVID-19 Update

As we continue both nationally and globally to deal with the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic, new guidelines from the CDC as well as state and local officials have released guidelines for safely returning to work, travel, dining, entertainment, and other activities based on regional statistics for COVID-19 cases and the environment in which the activity will take place. We here at Luxury Lifestyle Logistics take all of these guidelines very seriously and know we are not over the worst of this outbreak yet, so we are continuing to practice diligence in our personal and professional circumstances to keep ourselves and our customers safe. As guidelines for activities vary based on region, here are a few ways we are dealing with the ever-changing situation:

COVID-19 testing: We are taking tests monthly to screen for Coronavirus exposure, and before a on-site consultation service, additional screenings can be requested for 72-hours prior to arrival for a clean report. Please speak to us about our testing and screening policies.

Travel: We are continuing to monitor the safety of air travel within the continental United States for our consulting clients, and are taking each contract on a case-by-case basis. For clients who wish not to expose themselves to someone who has been on an airplane, we are offering to drive a rental vehicle to your location (additional charge) and will quarantine prior to arrival to reduce exposure.

Social Distancing: We have committed to a very strict social distancing policy and are reducing all personal trips out in public to grocery stores, gas stations, and take-out food pickups per CDC guidelines. By doing our part to social distance and keep out of public spaces as much as possible, we are committing to keeping ourselves and our clients safe.

Mask Wearing- We are 100% compliant in wearing a mask/facial covering while out in public and will also wear a mask in your home if requested.

Hand Washing- We are committed to reducing the spread of germs by frequent hand washing and use of antibacterial gels and sanitizers. We know that to slow the spread of germs takes constant vigilance and we are making a concerted effort to increase our self-sanitization practices.

If there are other topics you are concerned about and wish to address with us, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. We are committed to keeping ourselves as well as you and your loved ones safe and healthy and are trying to navigate moving forward with our consulting practice while also maintaining social distancing requirements. With these guidelines in place, we can now confidently offer both virtual and in-person appointments as needed, please reach out today for your complementary consultation.


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