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We are a luxury home management consulting firm working in private residences for families who employ staff and/or a large number of vendors to help manage the logistics of their lifestyle. We provide a number of services that streamline the efficiency of operations for a busy household. We create policies and procedures to tailor staff and vendor structures to meet client preferences across the many facets of the estate assets, including but not limited to residential, yacht, automotive, and aviation holdings. We provide private facility management consulting solutions on a wide variety of topics for all types of luxury residences.


Picture of founder Jennifer Laurence in peach blazer in a kitchen

Jennifer O. Laurence, President and Founder


Jennifer is a consummate hospitality professional who has loved domesticity for as long as she can remember. Early in her college career, she discovered the world of professional home management and private service through an estate management internship and knew she had found her calling.  Her passionate commitment to pursuing unique educational experiences lead her to attend the only all women’s hospitality school in North America; a unique Bachelor's program where the business of hospitality was always balanced with elevating the art of domestic service. She has continued to devote herself to professional development in private service, completing a Wine Sommelier certificate, a Visual Communications certificate, is a trained Protocol Officer from The Protocol School of Washington, and attended the prestigious Charles McPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers where she graduated top of her class. 


For over 20 years she has worked in all areas of hospitality and private domestic service, as well as in commercial property management and facility services. This blend of experiences has made her a very successful private service professional because she uses her strong hospitality and facilities management business foundation and balances it with the grace and decorum needed to work in private service. Throughout her career she has served affluent clients, celebrities, and successful business professionals in their home and office settings, making even the smallest details extraordinary for the people she serves.  Since moving to Chicago in 2007, she has been consulting privately in the field, blending her experiences on the residential and commercial sides of the industry. Ms. Laurence frequently travels to meet client needs and can be contracted for brief or extended on-site visits. She is passionate about the private service industry and served on the board of the Chicago chapter of the Domestic Estate Managers Association from 2010 to 2020. 


In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, target archery, and teaching essential oil aromatherapy.  


At Luxury Lifestyle Logistics we are committed to providing our clients the very best in estate management consultation. That is why we partner with a few, choice consultants specializing in a particular field of expertise who provide exceptional services at a very high level. We know that you expect the best, and we only work with the best to provide you with the care your lifestyle deserves.  

Chris Ramey
The Home Trust

The Home Trust International is a by invitation only collective of the finest products and services for your homes.  Each member has been chosen so you may select, without reservation, a best-in-class design professional, or a resource for services or finishes.       


The Home Trust is comprised of tastemakers, artisans, and trusted advisors to high net worth families throughout the world.

Photo of Dave Bentson from Precisio Automotive Group
David Bentson
Precision Automotive Group

Precision Automotive Group provides honest, unbiased expertise for those purchasing, selling, or maintaining classic and luxury automobiles. PAG acts as an auto fiduciary and the automotive advice is objective, with the client's best interests in mind at all times.


With years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge, PAG can help guide you through an uncertain and often deceptive marketplace.

Photo of Maegan & Karl Watson
Maegan & Karl Watson
Watson Style Group

Watson Style Group is a luxury wardrobe management and personal styling firm servicing executives and households around the globe.  WSG creates custom solutions for shopping, styling, inventorying, and preserving beautiful wardrobes, both small and large. 


WSG is committed to changing the way people get dressed so their time is reserved for family, fulfilling work, and fun. 

Photo of Nicole Osibodu
Nicole Osibodu
Haute Dokimazo

Haute Dokimazo was founded on the principles of collaboration, ideation, and experimentation for the purpose of making better professionals. An “Un-Conference” to crowdsource ideas for synergy, their A-List alumni and client roster include Netflix, Facebook, & Salesforce. Through a shared vision, the Haute team takes an ordinary experience and makes it a memorable touchpoint for companies and teams around the globe to grow together in a unique setting that only the best event planners in the world can create.

Doug Greenberg, Vice President, Garde Ro
Doug Greenberg
Garde Robe

Garde Robe is the world’s first and only museum-quality wardrobe storage and Cyber Closet valet service. Designed for fashion devotees with impeccable couture wardrobes, Garde Robe provides a host of elegant and convenient services including museum-quality storage for clothing, shoes, furs, and accessories, professional wardrobe photography and signature Cyber Closet application, luggage-packing and shipping services, and many other thoughtful garment care and valet services.

"Since 2007 I have had the pleasure of working with [Luxury Lifestyle Logistics] in several capacities. I didn’t think it was possible to run a home as well as a professional business, but Ms. Laurence has taught us that our personal lives can be just as professional as my companies and managed just as well if not better!...In a matter of days, her organizational skills had my life so streamlined that everything was largely on auto pilot. I was amazed at the process and grateful for her assistance."

Mr. Paul W.-client testimonial letter, client since 2007