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Case Study

Every luxury home is unique, as are the residences who enjoy the opulent finishes within. Maintaining the details of these homes is a full time obligation that requires skill and training at the highest levels. As unique features are added, various complexities arise that need to be managed by trained professionals. Setting up these systems to ensure quality for the owners is what Luxury Lifestyle Logistics does best. Consider the example residence shown here:

  • Example Residence
  • 6,891 sq. ft. Livable 1st floor
  • 1,595 sq. ft. Livable 2nd floor
  • 8,468 sq. ft. Total Liveable

Our Method

The myriad of details it takes to run a household such as this are innumerable. Precious resources are allocated to ensure the proper management of each area, and if not executed perfectly mistakes can be costly. Missed deadlines and details can lead to mishaps that can ruin fine furnishings and finishes, and can lead to costly repairs and lost opportunities. These are frustrating for both the homeowners and the staff and lead to costly staff turnover. Luxury Lifestyle Logistics has proven methods for organizing all of these details that can save you time and money. We create concrete methods and policies and implement these procedures. Let us help you organize all of the logistics of your life to get your time back and make your house a home. 

Floor Plan of 8,000 square foot hous

With almost 8,500 square feet, the management of this example residence is complex. Click on each area below that corresponds to the floor plan to discover scenarios that can be addressed with our consulting services. 

Let us partner with you for your household training needs.

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