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Luxury Estate Management Consulting

Let us help you enjoy your lifestyle to the fullest...

Are you tired of wasting money on your properties hiring the wrong staff for the wrong positions? Why all the turnover?


How about vendors that take advantage of your status and mark up their service price because of your zip code? 

Spending thousands of dollars on systems that do not work?

Is "throwing money at the problems" in your home working? What is your time worth?


Do you constantly repeat yourself and wish there was an easier way to communicate to your staff?

Do you feel like you spend hours running your home instead of it working for you? Still making calls late at night to manage what your staff should be able to?

Wonder why none of your staff seems to "do anything as well as you?"


Why don't they "get it"?


Is your family safe at night in the home you have created?


Can your vendors be trusted? Do you know who is there when you are not? Do you worry you are a target because of your zip code?


Are people posting pictures of your assets that they shouldn't be? What is your home's social media policy? 

Are the locks even all locked? When was the last time someone checked?


Plane and Car
Automotive Solutions
Brandy & Cigars
Travel & Packing Lists
Asset Maintenance Lists
Wardrobe Inventories
Collection Management
Wine Cellar Management
Sundries Lists
Collection Solutions


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"We enthusiastically recommend [Luxury Lifestyle Logistics] for estate management consulting...[They] did what we like to call “a complete life overhaul”...From manual writing of our mechanical systems, creating a zone cleaning system for our housekeepers (complete with photos), and annual lists to keep everything proactive instead of reactive, Ms. Laurence is a wiz at home management from the bottom up! 

Mr. John C.- client testimonial letter, client since 2007

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