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Ms. Laurence Interviewed on WNTD 950AM Radio Show

"On the Air" sign at radio station with red microphone

Ms. Laurence was a guest on Relevant Radio's "On the Front Porch with Patrick McCormack" on WNTD 950AM speaking about her work in domestic service and estate management consulting and how she brings her ethics into her work when working for high net worth families. The 45 minute segment featured her personal journey from hospitality college to butler school and working with high net worth clients to bring harmony to their homes with their families and household domestic staff they manage such as nannies and housekeepers. During the segment she took calls from the public answering questions from how to be more hospitable to guests and questions on party planning.

She was delighted to be a part of the radio segment and looks forward to returning to the show for upcoming episodes! If you would like Ms. Laurence to be featured on your radio show or other interview format as a guest, please contact Luxury Lifestyle Logistics to schedule an interview.

Ms. Jennifer Laurence in front of the Relevant Radio Studio sign, and pictured in the radio studio speaking on the microphone

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