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How to Create the Perfect Fine Shoe Inventory

Christian Dior open toe black and white heels

In a fine household, it is not uncommon for the lady of the house to have hundreds of shoes. After all, shoes are the perfect accessory! But with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per pair, managing the household shoe collection in a fine home is an important function of estate management for a number of reasons. Often, shoes and other accessories fail to be represented on the estate insurance documents, and can be a costly loss if tragedy strikes. Also, with hundreds of shoes and multiple persons per household, finding the right pair for an evening out or in advance of a trip can be a time consuming process. Creating a shoe inventory for these reasons is an important management tool for the estate manager or savvy owner. Details such as brand, price, condition, color, and location in the residence can all be useful when keeping track of an extensive shoe collection.

To start a shoe inventory, take a photo of each pair on a neutral background or with the shoe box for identification purposes. In the description, note the style and color of the shoe, as these are the factors that will be most searched when looking for shoe options for a particular event or outfit. For example: Black open toe heels would be a good starting description for the Christian Dior shoes, pictured here. Organizing these photos in an inventory app, a searchable spreadsheet, or a simple word processing document is at the preference of the household, however the intention is all the same. The ease of use for whomever is going to be utilizing the inventory is key, and a location indicator (such as which closet the shoes are kept) will ensure the proper shoes are always at the principal's fingertips when needed.

After the preliminary inventory is created, be sure to update the insurance documents with the estate insurance agency and set a quarterly reminder on the master estate schedule to update this document regularly. If a shoe inventory is something you would like to implement in your household or estate workplace, please contact Luxury Lifestyle Logistics for estate management consulting recommendations on this and all fine collectable inventory management solutions.

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