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Why manual pages are essential in operating appliances (and everything else!)

Front of a Miele washing machine

In many of the homes I serve Miele is a favorite brand of appliance. A reliable company with an excellent reputation, it’s no wonder that Miele makes everything from vacuums to coffee makers! Knowing how to operate these machines can be daunting when there are so many new settings, smart features, and other such intricacies with each passing year as the models are updated across various systems. There are several reasons to have a home management manual include your appliance information in a simple, easy to use format:

o For Staff: Simple directions for consistent service using the various appliance and machines. If one staff member uses settings on washers, dryers, coffee makers, etc. and then a different setting is used by the next, the household gets inconsistent service, so it’s best for all staff members to know what settings are preferred for what functions and which to use when. Also, English is not the first language for many domestic workers, so a home management manual brings together the simple directions on how to use the appliance with the preferences and recommendations from the family. For example, when using the Miele espresso machine, the staff member needs to know what settings to use in general, and which are preferred by each staff member to pour the perfect cup of coffee. This is why a manual marries this information together to create a well-run household, and can do so in a visual, easy to understand format.

o For the homeowners and family/guests: With numerous appliances, it can be tedious to remember how to use each one, especially at multiple properties! A laminated “cheat sheet” stored neatly next to the machine in question can be a simple solution to assist homeowners and guests when they need to use a particular device themselves.

o For maintenance issues, warranty information, and administrative purposes: The administrative purposes such as warranty information, insurance, appraisal, upkeep and maintenance issues it is essential to have the information close at hand when speaking with professionals on the phone rather than running around the house trying to find the serial number to look up whether a part can be ordered or not! All of this information should be aggregated in the office area of the home to quickly look up such information to avoid administrative headaches and costly mistakes when ordering parts or misinformation on warranty forms.

Miele Serial Number

The heart of the household manual is the information related to the physical property and how it correlates to the owner’s enjoyment of the items! With this “operations bible,” any staff member can be empowered to serve the needs of the family with real precision! This creates a “luxury environment” because things can be done “just like magic” without the owners having to delegate everything. If you would like Luxury Lifestyle Logistics to set up a household procedural manual for your staff an assist with the training to elevate the operations of your home, please contact us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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