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Ms. Laurence back "On the Front Porch" Radio Show

"On The Front Porch" radio show logo, with two rocking chairs and a dog with a microphone

Ms. Laurence was back on the air with Patrick McCormack on WNTD 950AM Relevant Radio talking about summer party planning! The "On The Front Porch" show is quickly becoming one of her favorite places to share tips and tricks on how to be a great host and expand your hospitality skills! Today her segment was all about summer party planning, and included some easy tips for how to be a gracious host and enjoy the summer without being stressed.

Her advice included skipping the decorations and instead focusing on cleaning the house if you are running short on time, and setting up the table and buffet dishes the night before. You can listen to her segment by clicking here. If you would like Ms. Laurence to be featured on your radio show or other interview format as a guest, please contact Luxury Lifestyle Logistics to schedule an interview.

Relevant Radio 950 AM station sign outside building
Ms. Jennifer Laurence pictured in the radio studio with host and cohost of show

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