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How to Manage a Persian Rug collection

An upscale showroom for Persian and Oriental rugs

When a homeowner has spend a great deal of money on a piece of art, it is a thing to treasure. However, when that piece of art resides on the floor and is walked on every becomes even more imperative that the care of that item be at the top of everyone's mind! This is the struggle with beautiful textiles such as Oriental or Persian style rugs...where an artisan weaver spends months, if not years, creating a work of art by hand that is then meant to go on the ground to be subject to all types of compromising things that could damage it! Parish the thought, but this is exactly what they are meant to do....and it is a house managers job to assist the homeowners to care for these things as if curating a working museum.

Dirt, light, heat, cold, moisture, and humidity all must me managed to keep the rug in optimal condition. Rotating the rug on a semi-annual basis if the pattern is two directions, or bi-annual if the pattern is four directions will ensure the rug wears evenly. Closing the blinds in a room that has harsh afternoon sunlight will prevent colors from fading. Avoid using the "beater brush" vacuum attachment on fine rugs, especially the fringe areas that can become caught in the rotation of the vacuum. Instead, use the lightest possible vacuum setting appropriate for that style of rug...with the most care needed for pure silk rugs that might only need to be shaken to expel the dust and never vacuumed directly. These are only a few general guidelines but you can work directly with your rug advisor or Luxury Lifestyle Logistics to create a policy and procedure manual for your specific rug collection.

Working with a quality rug distributor/importer is critical, as they are the ones who are sourcing these fine textiles from around the globe, and only bringing the best quality back to the showroom. Most reputable dealers clean fine rugs and repair them if necessary, but if they do not they should be able to recommend someone who can. When looking for a quality fine rug dealer be sure they are certified appraisers and members of the Oriental Rug Retailers Association and/or the Oriental Rug Importers Association. If you would like guidance on how to maintain your rug collection or other fine textiles in your home, please contact us to schedule a complementary consultation.

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