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How Water Heaters fit into Luxury Home Management

Standard Tank Water Heater in basement of house

Water Heaters are not sexy...not even by a long shot! When people think about luxury home management they first think of all the fancy parties one gets to help plan, the floral arrangements, the wine, the food for entertaining...etc., but hardly anyone thinks about the daily operations of running a large estate, unless of course you are in the industry! Managing a home of 8,000 or more square feet requires not just fancy party planning skills, but keeping up with the mundane things like maintaining the hot water supply to multiple bathrooms. If the basic mechanicals of the home are not properly maintained, the principal home owners suffer and then all the good efforts on the "extras" like the fancy parties go by the wayside, if they can't even take a hot shower properly!

That is why having a proper mechanical maintenance program in place is so crucial to successful home management, and where many new house managers fall short. It is easy to keep track of vendor related maintenance items such as landscaping or pool maintenance, as those are most prominent to the residence, but when it comes to hidden mechanicals such as plumbing, often they are the least thought of...until something isn't working properly.

At Luxury Lifestyle Logistics, we pride ourselves on creating easy to follow mechanical maintenance manuals that any staff member or household member can follow in the event they need to address an urgent mechanical issue. Keeping laminated copies of these instructions on the item in question with easy to understand step-by-step directions, (with photos of each step) is crucial to preventing damage to fine finishes and fixtures and aids the user in mitigating an emergency like a seasoned professional until vendor help can arrive. Shut off valves, diagrams, and simple language are key if everyone is to feel empowered to step in where needed. And after the basics are covered, setting up systems on the estate maintenance schedule are key to a well maintained property so that plumbing, HVAC, electrical and other seasonal maintenance systems are properly managed. This is at the core of what we do, providing a solid home management foundation so that all the inner workings of luxury estates are well taken care of. If you would like Luxury Lifestyle Logistics to consult with you on your estate mechanical maintenance manuals and setting up your estate on an estate maintenance schedule, please contact us today to schedule a complementary consultation.

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