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Inventory Management Presentation Given at the DEMA One-Day Conference, February 2018

Group Picture of Attendees at DEMA One Day Conference in Chicago

Ms. Laurence was pleased to be a presenter at the Domestic Estate Management Association's One-Day conference in Chicago on February 3, 2018, where she gave an interactive round-table style presentation on estate inventory management. This topic was presented in a "round robin" format where each presenter led a small group discussion and repeated the conversation 6 times throughout an afternoon so that the audience was small and interactive each time. This format was dynamic, and topics ranged from rotating inventory stock to how much of each item to keep on hand, and storage techniques for fresh and stagnant inventories. Ms. Laurence is always pleased to share her knowledge with her colleagues at DEMA and looks forward to presenting at DEMA again soon. If you would like Ms. Laurence to teach a workshop to your team, please contact Luxury Lifestyle Logistics to schedule a speaking engagement or training for your group.

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