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Ms. Laurence a featured speaker at DEMA Convention 2018

Ms. Laurence on a panel of speakers with three other people

Ms. Laurence was pleased to be a featured speaker for the second time at the 2018 Domestic Estate Manager's Association Annual Convention, this year in Orlando, Florida. The topic was titled "Transitioning Between Private Service Sectors" and was a panel discussion featuring Ms. Laurence, Donna Shannon of "The Personal Touch Career Services," and Bonnie Low-Kramen, author and creator of the "Be the Ultimate Assistant" workshops.

The Breakout session was on "Career Day," the annual event on the first day of the DEMA convention each year which gives job seekers the opportunity to meet with recruiters from domestic placement agencies from all across the nation! It truly is the "Super Bowl" of hiring in the domestic service industry, with candidates meeting with agencies they would not usually be able to be in front of due to geographic distance.

Ms. Laurence was delighted she could share her knowledge of how to advance in your career in private service, ways to be better in your position in order to transition to another role, and tips for job seekers entering the industry for the first time. It was a lively conversation, with recruiters and candidates in the room all voicing an opinion on the topics at hand. Ms. Laurence was privileged to be featured among such esteemed colleagues on the panel and looks forward to seeing them again soon at the next DEMA convention.

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