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Ms. Laurence Leads Workshops at Haute Dokimazo for a Second Year in a Row

Ms. Laurence was a featured facilitator at the Haute Dokimazo conference in Chicago, Illinois for two sessions over the May 2019 weekend. This was her second time participating in the event. Haute Dokimazo is a unique "un-conference think tank" that is so distinctive it can only be described using their own words: "Haute Dokimazo is a participant-driven way of meeting, sharing, and learning designed to provide attendees the opportunity to solve their business challenges in an unconference format." As Haute Dokimazo's very own Nicole Kline is one of our featured Subject Matter Specialists, we are pleased to strengthen our business relationship by participating in each other's endeavors.

The event was held at Exchange 312 and Catalyst Ranch, both event venues are lovely and designed to help foster team building and collaborative events. Ms. Laurence lead two sessions over the course of the weekend titled "Delivering White Glove Service" and a second workshop "Global Events: Protocols and Traditions" with co-facilitator Ben Fox. The groups were intimate which fostered true authentic discussions where each participant was able to weigh in with their own unique perspective on the topic.

The Haute Dokimazo experience can be translated for any business meeting or conference and truly is a better way to have collaborative synergy amongst professionals of any industry. If you would like Haute Dokimazo to lead an "unconference" for your team, please contact them at their website, and for more information about booking Ms. Laurence to be a featured speaker at your next event please contact Luxury Lifestyle Logistics today.

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